Product Photography on White Pricing

Product photography is charged according to the number of photos needed, with generous quantity based discounts for larger orders. Order as many images as you need, with no minimum or maximum order.

Each product photography order includes LEVEL 1 photo retouching (all photos go through a thorough editing process which includes minor dust removal, color correction and contrast adjustment), generous image licensing that includes both web and print usage and high resolution .jpg digital files at no additional charge.

This simple flat-rate pricing applies to product photography on a white background. If your project requires any other style of photography, please use the contact form with detailed product description in order to receive an estimate.

Fast Turnaround. Orders up to 12 photos are delivered online within 5-7 days of signing of contract and receipt of your products at our studio. Larger orders would take a little longer. Rush delivery is also available.*

How do I pay? 

Before starting your project we will send you a quote with a payment link which you can use to accept the quote and pay a 50% deposit. When we photograph your project we will send one Proof image for your approval. Once you approve the image, we’ll photograph the rest of your order, you need to pay the full invoice before the files are delivered to you.

Note: Minimum order $95

Flat-Rate Pricing

1-9 Photos            $37 per photo

10-19 Photos        $33 per photo

20-49 Photos        $29 per photo

50-99 Photos        $25 per photo

100+ Photos         $19 per photo

250+ Photos         $17 per photo

500+ Photos         Call for quote

Included with every order

  • Level 1 professional photo retouching – includes minor assembly & cleaning of minor smudges, dust spots

  • No extra charge for large products up to 2 feet on longest side

  • Meet all image requirements

  • Images are licensed for immediate use on your company’s website and ecommerce listings


Optional Add-ons

NOTE: Add-on charges apply per photo

Included | Amazon Web-Ready Jpeg – 3000px (before crop) on long side @ 72dpi JPG

Add $5 | High Resolution TIFF File – 3000px (before crop) on long side delivered in TIFF format @ 300dpi

Add $20 | RUSH: 3 business days * Subject to availability, call first – Minimum charge $195

Add $40 | RUSH: 24 Hours * Subject to availability, call first – Minimum charge $195

Add $10  | Small Groups: 2-5 items in a photo **

Add $20 | Large Groups: 6-9 items in a photo ** Requires additional set-up time and lighting considerations

Add $30 | Larger Groups over 24” – Requires additional set-up time and lighting considerations

Add $30 | Oversize products over 24” OR weight over 25 lbs – requires additional set-up time and lighting considerations, call first

Add $5  | Clipping Path *** – We manually trace the outer edge of your product to clip it from the background. See an example here.

Add $10 | Masking – Products with soft edges require a photoshop mask in order to create a smooth transition to pure white background

Add $5 | Transparent Web-Ready PNG – Delivered as a transparent PNG file for popular web & image editing platforms

Add $5 | Product Reflection or Cast Shadow – Manually created in Photoshop

Add $25 | Candles, Back-lit displays, Monitors, LED displays – We can combine multiple exposures to capture the flame or displays

Included | Level 1 Photo Retouching – Includes color correction, minor dust removal, contrast adjustment

ADD $50 | Level 2 Photo Retouching – includes correcting many manufacturing errors such as crooked labels, mold seams, misaligned gaps, damaged box corners, deep scratches, etc. Level 2 Photo Retouching is included in our HERO SHOTS service. This cost of $50 includes up to 30 minutes of professional photo retouching. Usually requires masking or clipping paths additionally

Custom | Level 3 Photo Retouching– Our highest level of photo retouching service. Custom quoted based on project complexity

Custom  | Compositing or Combining Multiple images Complex image compositing and retouching, inquire about options & pricing

Starting from $50 | One product shot: Multiple colors A HERO SHOT or CUSTOM SHOT is required to be used as a master file. Starting at $50 per color change, not every product is a good candidate for this technique, inquire about the details

Starting from $100 – up to $250 | InfoGraphics – Add arrows, dimensions, product descriptions, tag lines, call-outs, badges, GOOLE FONT LIBRARY available for your font selection, inquire about options & pricing

Starting from $100 | Add custom backgrounds – Place your pictures on a stock image photo background such as marble, granite, stone, wood etc. Note: Customer is responsible for the purchase of professional stock image. Many royalty free stock images are available of the web though, and they are free for commercial use, inquire about stock photo options, treatment & pricing

NOTE: Add-on charges apply per photo. For example a project with 10 pics with 10 clipping paths: $33x10=$330 + $5x10=$50 = $380 total.


Please note that it is critical that your products be shipped in excellent condition, as all products are shot as-is, flaws included.  We recommend inspecting your products by hand and sending multiple products whenever possible. If you require packaging shots, we highly recommend sending ‘flat’ versions of your packaging, as packaging is often damaged in shipping.

What does "minor retouching" include? – Our base prices for product photography include minor retouching. We will perform minor editing, color correction, and remove minor dust spots. If your product requires additional time, we will contact you to approve the extra cost. We will provide you with a cost estimate. The fee is based on $80 an hour rate, billed in 15-minute increments.

Advanced Retouching: Personalized pricing – We ask that your products be delivered in photo-ready condition, but we can provide advanced retouching to repair deep scratches, mis-aligned labels, touch up of printing imperfections on labels, scuffs or other imperfections. If you have a prototype or a one-off factory molded sample, please contact us for custom photo retouching options.

What if my product requires assembly? – We include minor cleaning and simple assembly in our base price per photo. If you have a product that requires extensive assembly, please let us know so we can provide you with as accurate a quote as possible. For any products that require detailed cleaning, polishing and major assembly, we charge $100/hour in 15-minute increments.

Hero Shots

What’s a hero shot? A hero shot is our top white background service which includes everything in our core service above but with significantly higher resolution, extensive additional touch-up, and transparencies.

How much larger are the images? Hero Shots are 5760 × 3480 pixels (before cropping) and are delivered in a layered tiff file. This adds up to a 3x increase in image size over our standard photos for maximum possible clarity.

What extra touch-up will you perform? Often, product prototypes and manufacturing samples contain minor defects not representative of the final product. Level 2 Retouching – our hero shots go far beyond our standard service in correcting many manufacturing errors such as crooked labels, mold seams, misaligned gaps, damaged box corners, and much more.

When should I order hero shots over standard product photos? We recommend hero shots for use on Amazon FBA as the primary image in your listing. We also recommend hero shots any time an image needs to be extremely high resolution or when it will receive intense scrutiny such as with product packaging.

Most cosmetic products used as a primary images on your web site should be ordered as HERO SHOTS as they minimally require Level 2 photo retouching.

Flat Rate | $95


Specialty Photography & Services

Jewelry Photography – We offer high-end magazine quality jewelry photography. Professional jewelry photography is a very slow and painstaking process. This is a specialty which requires a lot of extra time and extensive photo retouching after the photo shoots. We offer an exclusive service for this specialty. Jewelry projects are custom quoted. Please contact us to discuss your project details.

For catalog or high volume projects, we can create a custom workflow to match your style requirements.

Please note we do not photograph jewelry on location.

Mini-LifeStyle Photography in Studio – Starting from $249. Small table-top setup and arrangement of your products (not to exceed 24”x24”) Note: We are not offering food or beverage photography at this time. Please use the contact form with detailed project description in order to receive an estimate.

Apparel – Starting from $69 – $99. Lay-flat or invisible hanger. STYLIZED options available to match major fashion houses or you can customize a high-end look. We do not offer Ghost Mannequin. Stylized portfolio available for high-end fashion clients.

Custom Shots – Starting from $249. Please use the contact form with detailed project description in order to discuss the creative options.

Editorial – Starting from $249. We service regional and national publications for their editorial needs.

Studio Time for Custom Photography – This is traditional style photo studio service designed for ad agencies and design studios.

Half day (up to 4 Hours) $600. Full Day (up to 8 Hours) $1200. Studio time is calculated at $150 per hour.

Please note we do not rent studio space.


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* Rush delivery is subject to availability at our discretion. Minimum charge for 3-Day RUSH $100.

** Group arrangements are intended for the purpose of showing an arrangement of products together in a single shot and are not meant to be split into multiple separate images. Requests for group arrangements with space between each object for the purpose of later splitting the group photo into multiple separate photos will be quoted with each object as a separate photo. In these cases we will be happy to combine the separate photos into a group arrangement for you at no additional charge. 

*** Clipping Paths – Multiple items in a photo, large groups and complex objects may be quoted extra. Adds 1 day to turnaround time. See an example of clipping paths here.